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Owl Trio Blocks

I. Love. Owls. There, I said it! I really do though. They are so adorable and I see them everywhere now that I am using them more in my home decor. I have another reason, but I will announce that in a later post. (no, I'm not expecting).

For the bottom two pieces of wood, they are both 2x3's, the bottom being 7", and the middle is 6". The owl block is a 2x4 cut to approx 4.5". I wasn't going to add the papers as the background, but there was just something blah about them. I love chevron, so of course when I saw I had a tan color that matched perfectly, I knew that was what it needed. The owl and letters are all a chocolate brown color. I used a dark wax to age the edges and the front of the owl block. So adorable.

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