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Valentines Day Projects 2015...

 I've been having a lot of fun making various projects. These first three pictures are all done on 12x12 tiles. I have a lot of extra tiles left over from our kitchen floors. I decided to try painting them to see if it would stick. It does! I cleaned the tiles with rubbing alcohol first, then I lightly sanded the entire surface. The first two pictures have white latex paint in a satin finish. The teal colored one is the homemade chalk paint that I made for other projects. Both of the paints seemed to adhere great, but before I put the vinly lettering on, I antiqued the edges of the white tiles with some black acrylic paint, and then I put a coat of matte mod podge over the entire surface, just to seal it really well first.

I made these adorable mini cube LOVE blocks. Aren't they cute?! I love anything teeny tiny like this.

I used 2x2's, which aren't really 2x2, but whatever. I cut some co-ordinating papers and after painting and sanding the blocks, I used mod podge to adhere the papers. I cut the letters with my vinyl cutter and placed them on the papers. I used a dark wax to antique the edges of both sets.

You + ME = Awesome. Yes it does.
I had some 1/4" mdf left over from another project, so instead of painting the entire piece, I decided to mod podged a piece of white cardstock to the board. I painted the edges black, and then did the antiqued look with black paint around the edges of the white paper as well. 

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