Officially....Mr. & Mrs. LeBlanc

Contact Me

To place an order, please email me at:

Things to remember when ordering:

* What you want to say...quote/names/dates, etc.

* Important information to remember when measuring your space is that the overall height of a letter goes from the tallest point of any letter in your quote, to the lowest point of any letter in your quote. So, if you have a 6" space, and your font is very swirly, not all letters will be 6". I always send samples before printing your order!

* Let me know the colors and font styles you would like to use.

* Once design is confirmed, I will send you an invoice. I prefer bank interac payments from my Canadian friends, but paypal works just as well.

* Custom orders are always loved and welcomed! Email with any questions and/or ideas you may have.


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