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A collection of some Christmas Vinyl Lettering Projects - Cabinet Doors, Tiles, Charger Plates and Subway Art!

 I love using old cabinet doors to create something fun and unique. This christmas collage has to be one of my favorite projects this season!
 A fun way to say "Christmas"...on a 12x12 tile
 Stacker Blocks
 This is a beautiful white tree. I used a layer of matte modge podge over it, which gives a great finished effect.
 Another favorite christmas collage using an old cabinet door. Painted white, left the hinges and handle on...and it makes a great christmas decoration!
 Red charger plate with a beautiful white vinyl saying on it. The ideas are endless with these plates!
 I love this one! Silver, white and black - very appealing and makes a great gift!

 Okay, I admit I'm addicted to the dollar store. They have the cutest things! This red shiny plate looks even better with a cute vinyl saying on it.
 Subway Art - one of my new and absolutely MOST favorite things to do. I could have these things up all over my home! :) I did this particular style with a green background...see picture below.


Rocky and Amanda said...

I don't see where I order? Please email me at Thank you.

Brandy said...

Are the things pictured available for purchase? Please email me


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