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Vinyl lettering on canvas!

I admit, I'm addicted to Mod Podge. There are soooo many fun projects that can be done with this amazing stuff. This was a class that I had taught, a few years ago, and it has been a HUGE success. Pinned more times than I can imagine. How I made it: I bought an 11x14 canvas at the dollar store. I cut various papers to size, making sure they fit before fixing them permanently. If I was going to paint the canvas, do that first. I wanted the edges to be white. Using a satin mod podge, I glued the strips of paper down, one at a time. I made sure to press them down really well, getting as many bubbles out as possible so it layed flat. I printed out the vinyl words with my cutter, and then placed them on the papers. I put another coat of mod podge on top of the entire project. You can always embellish with ribbons, washi tape, buttons, etc. etc. All personal preference!


Mod Podge Amy said...

This is so pretty - and I'm so glad to hear you are addicted to Mod Podge. what a great addiction. :D Happy New Year!

Cynthia Adams said...

What type of vinyl cutter do you use?

I would appreciate it greatly if you would respond to my personal email.

Thanks so very much!!

Cynthia Adams


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