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Rustic Centerpiece Boxes

Now that another Christmas and New Years has passed, and all the decoration have been put away, it was time to start on the next holiday! Valentines Day.

I have a really long kitchen table. I thought a long rustic centerpiece box would be the perfect way to display these pretty hydrangeas in mason jars. I used 1x4's for this project. I cut three pieces 30" long, and then two end pieces. I don't remember the size, but it was easy enough to just mark the wood and cut.

Since I don't own a nail gun (sad face) I used gorilla glue to hold the pieces of wood together, and then I used nails with flat heads so that it was nice and flush with the surface. I filled the small gaps with stainable wood filler, and let it dry overnight. I gave it a good sanding and cleaned off the dust with a dry cloth. I stained the entire box with Minwax wood stain in Provincial.

I have a lot of mason jars, and this particular size fit perfectly! I found the hydrangea blooms at the Dollarama, and was lucky enough to buy the last 5 they had left. I cut the stems so that they rested right on the top of the jars. I'm going to add some twine and possibly a decorative tag or a vinyl lettering word in the corner, but for now, it looks just fine to me. :)

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