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Pallet Art: God gave me you...

Pallet art is so very popular right now, and so very cute! A friend sent me a link to this idea, and I have searched all over to find it so I could reference it here. I didn't have any luck, but I will keep looking and put the link on when I find it.

I used wood shims for this pallet. Cute, eh!? Now, as you probably know, shims aren't the exact width, they have a thicker and thin end. That's okay though, because I kind of like the looks of it. I tried flipping the shims back and forth, so that it was a really uneven look, but I decided to keep them all going the same direction. You can't tell from the picture, and you really have to get up super close to it to even know they aren't the same thickness. I used gorilla glue and attached a shim at the top and the bottom of the backside. Once it dried, I used Minwax wood stain in Provincial. I printed the vinyl out and took the letters out, not the background of the vinyl, and used it as a stencil. I love the type writer font, don't you!? The little birdies were also in a font package I had downloaded. I added the initials "S" and "K" for my friend and her husbands initials. (This ended up being a surprise birthday gift for her).  So, know that I have used wood shims to make my own pallet, I do believe I will be making quite a few more projects with them!

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