Officially....Mr. & Mrs. LeBlanc

you are...Beautiful, Worthy, Strong, Pure and Deeply Loved

A customer recently ordered some signs with these quotes on them. I have to say I'm in love with them. So much so, that I made another project with them as well, on a canvas. Here is a picture of how the rustic looking signs turned out. She wanted each one to be done on a sign, instead of one larger sign. That way she had the option of hanging them together on a wall, or moving one or all to different places if she wanted to. I made the lettering the exact same size, and then cut the wood to the appropriate lengths. I used the vinyl as a stencil for this project. I painted the wood white, then placed the lettering on top and stenciled the black paint. I gave it all a good sanding once I peeled the vinyl stencil off. I stained the entire board with Minwax Provincial.

And, here is a picture of project #2 with the same quotes:

I used a 12x16 canvas and cut the teal and grey papers to fit. I used mod podge to glue the papers to the canvas. I used some grey paint to "age" the edges and in between all of the papers. Once the lettering was on, I sealed the entire project with glossy mod podge. It's a beautiful canvas. I love reading these words!

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