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Inexpensive and FUN Valentines Day Gifts

I love Valentines Day, but it isn't a holiday that I go all out for decorating. I usually tend to just put a few things on my window ledge in the kitchen. This is what it looks like this year. Nothing fancy! :)

All three projects are cute and inexpensive. The stacking trio hearts were made from some left over 2x4's. I painted the blocks red, then changed my mind and painted them black. I sanded the edges and ended up really liking the red showing through anyways. I mod podged the paper onto the front of the wood and then gave the entire thing a coat of mod podge

The Cubes were mentioned in a previous post (see below this one). The "i love you because..." frame was made after finding a similar idea on pinterest. Such a cute way to remind those we love about the little things that matter. The paper is changeable and the messages are written with a dry erase marker. So cute! Here is a closer look:

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T. Scott said...

I love the dry erase board frame.. Do you have any details on how to make it?



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